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This is the blog of the Strathclyde University Feminist Research Network. The network brings together staff and students from across the University, developing a stronger feminist research presence along with increased visibility and connectedness.  

Since 2016, we have run a seminar series, hosting visiting academics from across the UK and beyond. The current series is co-organised by Dr Holly Porteous (Strathclyde Business School), Dr Redi Koobak (Humanities & Social Sciences) and Dr Mariya Ivancheva (Strathclyde Institute of Education). It is a cooperation with University of Strathclyde's Gender Subtheme co-chaired by Dr Ivancheva and Professor Yvette Taylor, who is a founder of Strath_fem seminar. You can see details of ongoing and past seminar events and register your attendance for free through our eventbrite page.

In the past the Netowkr also organised feminist reading groups, book launches, writing retreats, and 'brown bag' research-in-progress workshops - informal lunchtime get-togethers for staff and PhD students to receive feedback on their feminist research projects at Strathclyde. While with the pandemic some of these traditions have become less regular, we would be happy to hear from new volunteers who can help us revive them!

To get in touch with us, join the mailing list with your university email address here, or contact Dr Mariya Ivancheva for more information. You can also follow the seminar and network on Twitter @Strath_fem . Some more details about the seminar during the 2023-4 academic year is below.